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You may submit a work order online.

Please review What is an Emergency? before filling out the form. All emergencies should be called into the office immediately.

If this is not an emergency, please review the Common Maintenance Problems table for possible solutions to your problem. Fill in the online Work Order form and click Submit. Our office will follow up via email unless it is an emergency.

Work Order Form - Please fill in every field.

Date (mm/dd/yy):
Tenant's Name (First, Last):
Dwelling Unit Name & Number:
Have you reported the problem before?
Maintenance Needs:
To submit this request, click the Submit button.
To clear the fields above, click the Clear Fields button.


What is an Emergency?

  1. Fire
  2. Flooding
  3. No heat during the winter
  4. No water at all
  5. Refrigerator not working
  6. Electrical short

If something else comes up, keep in mind that an emergency situation is something that is hazardous to health or property and can't wait until regular office hours.

Emergency Phone Numbers:

Monday-Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm


After hours or weekend


Common Maintenance Problems:
Helpful List of Things to Check Before Submitting a Work Order
Maintenance Problem Possible Solutions

No power in one room or certain electrical outlets are not working

Flip the breaker

Light went out

Check light bulb, Tenant is responsible for replacing light bulbs

No hot water

Flip breaker, call office if this doesn't work

Stove not working or an eye on the stove doesn't work

1. Make sure it is plugged into the wall
2. Flip the breaker
3. On the oven, make sure the timer is not set to "ON". (this can cause the stove not to work properly).

Dryer not drying

Check the lent filter, if full, clean it

Window is stuck and will not open

Take a knife and run it around the edges to loosen the paint. It's probably painted shut.

High water bill

Submit work order

Heat is not working

1. If you have oil, kerosene, or gas heat, make sure there is fuel in the tank.
2. If you have electric baseboard heat, make sure to turn the thermostat knob to desired temperature.

Stopped up Toilet

Keep a plunger handy. You will need it if the toilet stops up.

Stopped up Sink, Tub/Shower

Use a product such as Drano. If this doesn't work, submit a work order

Leaking toilet

This could be caused by condensation…put your hand on the toilet tank or bowl to see if it is wet on the outside.


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