Holton Mountain Rentals in Boone, North Carolina
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Long-term Rentals Information

Lease Contract

Individual Lease Contract

Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Roommate Responsibility Agreement

Individual Lease Contract Addendum

Drug-Free Housing Addendum

Drug-Free Housing Addendum

Co-Signer Agreement

Co-Signer Agreement

Transfer Agreement

Transfer Agreement

Lead Warning EPA Pamplet

Lead Warning EPA Pamplet

Release of Roomate from Damages

Pet Addendum (If Applicable)

Verification of Rental History

Sublet Authorization

Verification of Employment

Summer Sublet Information

Verification of Credit History

Sub-Lease Contract

Individual Sub-Lease Contract

Check-in Inspection Form

Submit Work Order

Tenant Cleaning at Moveout

Check-Out Procedure

Top 10 Reasons to Rent from Holton Mountain Rentals

Parking Policies for Apartment Buildings with Assigned Parking Spaces

Information for First Time Renters

Parking Policies for Apartment Buildings without Assigned Parking Spaces

Roommates Can't Live With Them/ Can't Live Without Them

Parking Policies for Horn Apartments

Renters Insurance Information

Campus West Parking Policies

Utility Costs-Check with HMR Office




Renters Insurance Form


Roommates Can't Live With Them/ Can't Live Without Them

High Speed Internet

Renters Insurance Information

Anti Virus Information

Furnace Information


Gas Log Information


Leaving for Holidays


Snow & Ice Removal Policies


Winter Driving


Heating Requirements



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480 Highway 105 Ext.
Boone, NC . 28607

Equal Housing LenderPhone: 1-800-970-3644

Fax: 828-264-3725

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